Chapter 8

Kapeyakwaskonam (One Arrow)

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Ka-payak-waskonam | Une Flèche P1
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Ka-payak-waskonam | Une Flèche P1
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The people of One Arrow and the Métis were friends. One Arrow First Nations in Saskatchewan is the closest community to the Métis village of Batoche.
Reluctantly, its Chief One Arrow had signed Treaty #6 in 1876.
When Louis Riel returned to Saskatchewan to help the Métis protect their rights and establish a provisional government, One Arrow attended their meetings.
This chief was unhappy with the government’s disregard for the treaties. His community, like many Indigenous communities, was starving.
When Gabriel Dumont and Louis Riel approached One Arrow and asked him to fight with them at Batoche, he agreed.
Their mission was the same – to claim their rights and protect their people.
In addition, there were family ties with many marriages between the Métis of Batoche and One Arrow First Nations.
The war was lost and the Métis and First Nations participants at Batoche were prosecuted.
One Arrow was charged with treason against the Canadian government because of his participation in the Métis Resistance of 1885.
He was released after a few months due to illness and died soon after.
For many years, the citizens of One Arrow First Nations believed that One Arrow was buried in their community.
He had spent the last weeks of his life in the home of Bishop Taché of St. Boniface.
The community wanted to repatriate their former leader but their elders advised that he be left in St. Boniface.
However, they erected a tombstone near the grave of his friend Louis Riel. The words of One Arrow are inscribed on it, “Do not mistreat my people.”
Twelve years later, during sacred ceremonies, the spirit of One Arrow asked to be brought home.
The Manitoba government and the authorities of St. Boniface Cathedral readily gave permission.
Without any advance planning, it so happened that the day of his re-burial ceremony in Saskatchewan was the same day he had signed the Treaty #6 – August 28.
On the morning of this ceremony in the One Arrow First Nations community, an eclipse of the moon was seen.
Chief One Arrow returned to his home in 2007 – 120 years after his death.
Ka-payak-waskonam, we thank you for your friendship and courage.
Li peup di One Arrow pi li Méchisse l’ita di bon z’ami.
Li Premyerre Nasyon One Arrow an Saskatchewan sonta la komunôti la plus prosh dju villaj méchisse di Batosh.
Mêm si y fila pâ pour ferre sâ, leu shef, Une Flèche, l’ava signi l’tretti #6 an 1876.
Kan Louis Riel la r’vnu back an Saskatchewan pour édi li Méchisse a prâtiji leu drwa pi einstalli ein gouvarnman tanpârerre, Une Flèche l’ita a leu rankont.
Ste shef l’ita pâ kontant kli tretti l’ava pâ iti respekti par li gouvarnman. Sa komunôti krèva d’fein, kom bein d’izôt komunôti Otoktonne.
Kan Gabriel Dumont pi Louis Riel la dimandi a Une Flèche di s’batte avec izôt a Batoche, yâ dji wè.
Y l’ava la mêm misyon – d’y s’batte pour leu drwa pi prâtiji leu peup.
Aparsâ, y l’ava bein di lyein di faméye a kouze di bein di mariaj ant li Méchisse di Batoche pi li seuze di Premyerre Nasyon One Arrow.
La gerre lâ iti pardju pi li Méchisse pi li Premyerre Nasyon ksa lâ parchisipi a Batoche, lâ iti amni an kour.
Une Flèche lâ iti akuzi d’êt ein trêt kont l’gouvarnman cadadjyein, paski lâ parchisipi dan la Risistans méchisse di 1885.
Y l’ita an prizon a Stony Mountain, pi lâ iti lâshi kuk mwa apra, paski l’ita malad. Y li morre kuk tan apra.
Pandan bein di z’anni, l’mond di Premyerre Nasyon One Arrow y pansa k’Une Flèche y r’poza dan leu komunôti.
Kan y l’ava trouvi li papyé su sa morre, l’ita bein supri di sawerre k’leu shef l’ita anterri dan simchyerre d’la Katidral dju Manitoba.
La komunôti voula l’ram’ni back leu ansyein shef mi leu z’éni lâ dji d’l’lessi a Saint-Boniface.
L’onva kan mêm monti enne pyerre pour sa tonb a kôti di sel di Louis Riel. Li mô d’Une Flèche ita ikritte latsu : « Tretti pâ mal mon peup. »
Douze z’anni apra, pandan di sirimâni sakri.
San l’awerre organizi sâ dimêm, l’jour d’la sirimâni pour l’anterri an Saskatchewan l’ita li 28 août, l’mêm jour ki l’ava signi pour ferre parchi dju Tretti #6.
L’matein di ste sirimâni-lâ, dan la komunôti di Premyerre Nasyon One Arrow, lâ vu ein iklips d’la lune.
Une Flèche l’ita r’tourni back shizeu an 2007, 120 z’anni apra sa morre. Sa ti r’marsi pour ton amichyé pi ton kouraj Ka-payak-waskonam.